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 Application Requirements

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PostSubject: Application Requirements   Thu Sep 30, 2010 4:33 am

Applications are currently closed at this time.

Our current events are as follows:

SUN: Einherjar->WoE
MON: Abyssea
TUE: Random Event (Memebers vote on this a week in advance)
WED: Einherjar->WoE
THU: Abyssea
FRI: Abyssea/WoE (This will alternate every week)
SAT: Free Day

All events start at 7PM EST with the exception of Sundays event. Sundays Event starts at 6:45PM EST that way there is no conflict with Wednesday entry time.

We are interested in recruiting a mixed variety of jobs.

Your jobs must be moderately merited, (we don't excpect capped merits on all jobs) but what you consider to be your main jobs you must have full merits for.

That being said we will NOT accept say BLMs without Burst II merits, etc. Or DDs without their specific combat skills merited.

Experience is a huge plus.

If you are not prepared to make Paragon your primary LS and event commitment, then please do not apply.

We are looking for core members to add to our team, dedicated to their own jobs and the needs of others in the LS.

Bonus if you have the following jobs well geared and merited:


Bonus if you have alternate accounts available to use within LS events.

Bonus if you have Einherjar experience (or any feathers already obtained).

You must:

Have Sea access
Have Sky access
Have WoE access
Have Abyssea access
Comply with our attendance policies
Not forego LS events for other events
Show a willingness to join our team, effort in your application will reflect this.

We are a socially active shell, and have alternate events outside scheduled LS events. Paragon is not a part-time linkshell, those who treat it that way, will fall by the wayside.

Good luck on your applications, as usual all cross-server applications will be subject to a BG check.

Thank you for your interest in Paragon
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Application Requirements
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