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 Application Format

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PostSubject: Application Format   Thu Sep 30, 2010 5:13 am

Thankyou for your interest in Paragon. I will address the application format. Please note however, people that ignore the format or do not go into much detail in each question are usually overlooked.

Application Format: Example
Previous Server(s) - Seraph

Previous Name(s) - Gryphen

Previous linkshell(s) - SenseOfUnityII: Left after they kicked many of my friends.
Playitcool/Remembrance: Started Playitcool with many of the members that got kicked from SoUII. Repearled to Remembrance when we had a falling out with the shell holder. Remebrance broke due to leaders quiting the game. I was one of the founders of both these LS's.
Apotheosis: Leaving due to disappointment of recent activities within the LS. (Can explain in more detail if you have any questions on vent or through PM's.)

Jobs - THF (TH4), DRG, RNG, SMN, BLM, NIN (Retired/No Gear)


Areas of Access: I have access to Sea, Sky, ToAU, WoTG, DynamisXarc and Tav, BahaV2, Abyssea, WoE.

Crafts - Clothcraft 99+2

Playtime - 3pm-6am EST everyday.

Experience - I have killed almost every HNM in this game. I usually came THF to most land kings unless we were short on BLM's or needed ES sleep/stun. Tiamat I always went as SMN. Khim and Cerb I went as either THF for TH4 or BLM for stuns. Sandworm I was usually THF for TH4, a few times I went as BLM when we had none on. Dark Ixion I went as THF till I leveled RNG. Many times I would change to THF when Dark Ixion was close to death. Ouryu's I went as BLM for ES sleep and my craptastic nukes. Bahamut V2 I went as THF for TH4 and 2min Feints. Have done several Odin's and was always THF to grab adds. KV I was always THF to hold/kite and TH4 and Feint. I also have alot of experience pulling every Dynamis zone. I have done Abyssea and WoE.

Total Merits: 596

* HP 4/4
* MP 4/4

* STR 5/5

Combat Skills
* Dagger 8/8
* Archery 8/8
* Evasion 4/4

Magic Skills
* Summoning Magic Skill 8/8
* Elemental Magic Skill 8/8

* Critical Hit Rate 4/4
* Spell Interruption Rate 4/4

*Triple Attack Rate 5/5
*Trick Attack Recast 5/5
*Assassin's Charge 1/1
*Feint 5/5
*Aura Steal 1/1
*Ambush 3/3

*High Jump 5/5
*Spirit Link 5/5
*Angon 5/5
*Empathy 5/5

*Sharpshot 5/5
*Rapid Shot 5/5
*Snap Shot 5/5
*Recycle 5/5

*Avatar Magic Attack 5/5
*Avatar Physical Attack 5/5
*Geocrush 5/5
*Thunderstorm 5/5

*Ice Magic Potency 5/5
*Lightning Magic Potency 5/5
*Freeze II 5/5
*Burst II 5/5

*Subtle Blow Effect 5/5
*Hyoton Effect 1/1
*Raiton Effect 4/4
*Ninja Tool Expertise 4/4
*Katon: San 1/1
*Hyoton: San 1/1
*Huton: San 1/1
*Doton: San 1/1
*Raiton: San 1/1
*Suiton: San 1/1

Gear Sets:

THF TP: http://www.ffxiah.com/item-sets/114921

THF WS: http://www.ffxiah.com/item-sets/114927

THF EVA: http://www.ffxiah.com/item-sets/114925

THF Ranged ACC: http://www.ffxiah.com/item-sets/114930

THF/RNG: http://www.ffxiah.com/item-sets/154176

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Application Format
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